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The Lakeside Project Charlotte, NC


Lakeside Project:

This home was a complete rehab. Whether it's just remodeling one room or an entire house my team and I can help with the design layout, manage the construction project until completion, assist with color, tile, floor and any other finishing selections, build custom home furnishings and find qualified experts to get the job done right, just the way you like. Remodeling projects are time consuming, they may make you feel overwhelmed and if you don't choose the "right" contractors or handy man for the job, you could have a huge costly mess on your hands. This is why we all know people that put off redoing their homes for years! 

Own Real Estate, LLC is here to help. We use professionals that we trust and have done business with. If our guys can't do a specialized job, we have access to those who can. We also manage the construction project for you so you don't need to take time out of your busy schedule to meet contractors and repair experts. We provide a complimentary consultation to go over plans and then each specialist will give written estimates before you decide to work with us.  Knowing how much the home improvement project will cost can help you be better  prepared for the task. Once construction is complete, we also offer "after construction cleanup" and will provide an estimate for those services as well. We are a one stop shop. You just have to deal with one person, we will take care of the rest!  


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