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What We Offer

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We offer a wide variety of services and try to be a "one stop shop" to our clients. Fall in love with your home again through our designing and decorating services. We can also help you get settled in to your new home by unpacking and organizing after a recent move. Our decluttering and home organizing services, will free up more time for you to enjoy living in your home without having to do all the dirty work yourself. We want to make your life as stress free as possible by doing the hard work for you and your loved ones. Time is precious and we never seem to have enough of it, so let us help you make your house a HOME.



Connecting you with certified pros...

Let us refer you to qualified pros we highly trust and have built a long professional relationship with through servicing many satisfied customers. 


Interior Decorating...

If you feel overwhelmed at home decorating stores, we are here to help! My decorators love to shop and are pros at staying within budget! We enjoy seeing a house transform into a "Home Sweet Home". We design by getting to know each individual's likes and dislikes that lives in the house and we design that person's "happy place". We design with function based on our client's needs. 


Custom Furnishings...

We love supporting local artisans and craftsmen. When it comes to standing out of the crowd and wanting a unique piece of furniture, house number sign, or painting, we can design something that you can be proud of and that is one of a kind. We have the contacts and can work with you to design something amazing and functional that will wow your friends and family.


Interior Design and Renderings...

Let me and my design team help you plan your home improvement project from  A-Z. We help you organize your ideas through quality renderings so your thoughts can come to life in a 3D image that we can change as many times as needed until the design is  finalized, saving tons of money by avoiding "construction change orders".


Decluttering and Organizing...

I'm sure we can all think of better ways to spend our time than organizing a closet, home office, garage, playroom or kitchen pantry. Let us help you get things organized so all you have to do is maintain it. We are a group of OCD ladies that love to get things organized, neat and clean. We will do the dirty work so you don't have to! 

Wendy is a delight to work with!!!! I highly recommend her!!!

Sandy S,

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