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Daily Design Tips: Today's Topic is about "Sintered Stone Countertops".

I am in love with "sintered stone"!!! What is it? Well, if you are considering redoing your kitchen or bathroom countertops, you might want to do some research about Sintered Stone Countertops vs quartz or granite. Sintered Stone is a new innovative material that will become more and more popular as people learn about it. Sintering has been around a very long time, and is a process to create objects from powder like form. So, Sintered Stone is formed from the process of crushing stones to a fine powder and creating a very nonporous, hygienic, stain-resistant, UV resistant and easy to clean surfaces. It can be formed into thin panels used for walls, flooring, very much like porcelain tiles, but a lot more durable. I especially like the countertops! So, the next question is how much is this stuff compared to other types of flooring or countertops? Well, it isn't on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but in this case, you pay for quality that will last. 100% Eco-friendly, water, heat, scratch, stain, and impact resistant, plus it's hygienic and easy to clean, WOW...what more can we ask for in a surface! The cost is comparable to high end granite or quartz. I'd rather get the average grade sintered stone countertop vs the high end granite or quartz. For more information about sintered stone click the link below.

Sintered Stone countertops in various thicknesses makes this kitchen built to last!

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