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What’s trending in 2019 in Home decorating...

Styles come and go. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the latest trend. My suggestion is to leave your interior wall colors very neutral. Natural Earth tones and colors that are “easy on the eyes” are best. You might like some of these.

Keeping your interior walls a basic color will allow you to decorate your home with accent pieces and furniture that is current. It’s easier to buy throw pillows, furniture, and home decor than it is to repaint your house as trends change through the years.

What's trending in the interior design world for 2019? Velvet and luxe accent pieces are back! They add a soft touch and comfort to a room. My suggestion is to go with an accent chair or two.

Use chairs and room accessories to spice things up and give your space some life. Then, when you are tired of the look, sell your furniture on Facebook Marketplace and look for new accent pieces. For mirrors, and decor, I love salvage shopping and Facebook Marketplace to save money so I can buy good quality furniture. Getting old mirrors or picture frames from consignment shops and "repainting or refurbishing" them with a gold or metallic paint color can give your boring walls new life.

Textures in a room are very important. Whether you decorate with framed textile artwork, textured floors or ceiling tiles, brick walls, rock walls, faux items, shag rugs, furs, adding elements of wood and metal to modernize a room is currently trending. It's like mixing old with new. Some antiques mixed with modern light fixtures, ceiling fans, and accent furniture gives a space it's character. The "mix and match" look, like going to a trendy coffee shop is what's hot now and is what home decorators are doing this year. I call it the "rustic modern eclectic chic look". If you see things online you like, but can't find it in stores, contact me and I can help you create the item you want. Love Pinterest, but are not crafty or have the time and materials to bring those desired pieces to life, that's what I'm here for. Send me an email or visit our website so we can design your "happy place." Happy decorating!


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